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On the subject of.

To use as few discrete words as possible—Pitch is a 90 second pitch on pitches and pitches (and sometimes pitches). Each post is a lexical matrimony, uniting my two favorite subjects with a single word or sound. Homophones and double meanings are my divining rod, the confluence of sports (mostly soccer) and music (mostly rap) my self-sought spring. The thirsty reader, I hope, will find that a given word can have several flavors. 

A bout

A battle.

I’ve forgotten to introduce myself. My name is Andrew Mitchell, and my interests have been fighting for my attention. Pitch is my peace offering—a Switzerland where a love of creative writing, analytical thinking, branding, world football, and Kendrick Lamar’s discography can civilly coexist. For a more formal introduction to my professional background, here’s a link to my CV